Surprise, surprise! After a very long wait, Adaro & Digital Punk release Reach For The Sky, a track that many have been waiting for since Defqon.1 last year! Their collaborations are always very special. Remember that they’ve already made absolute masterpieces together such as Everyday and Natural Born Killers.

This new track has a big summer vibe and kicks off with a soft background synth along with enticing vocals. The track slowly builds up, unleashing the insanely addicting melody. After this we have a small break with the vocals in the front and center of it, followed by a climax that features an impacting kick and bass combination. The break afterwards is short and has soft background elements that complement the vocals really well. The second climax then drops hard, finishing the track with a bang, and with a slight, but interesting melody variation.

The melody here is insanely addicting and takes the front row with the enticing vocals. If you usually keep an eye out on Hardstyle releases you’ll notice that the vocals have been changed since the track was premiered. You can check the older version below, on the 25 minute mark, and you be the judge… Which one you like the best? Let us know via our socials!

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