Art of Creation mastermind Wildstylez is back at it again, bringing a dance music classic to 2020 with his high-octane hardstyle beats!

Wildstylez seems to age like fine wine: the more you leave it to do its thing, the better it will be. Unlike most veteran artists who cozy up on their comfort zones once they reach a certain phase of their careers, Wildstylez is still improving day after day, in spite having a long-standing career spanning over 15+ years. Real name Joram Metekohy, he absolutely never stops: creative mastering, ½ of famed duo Project One (together with Headhunterz), curator of Art of Creation, hitmaker and all-round chill dude, he is among the very top of the hardstyle scene.

The last two years have been very generous for Joram, which seems to be enjoying his art even more as time goes by. Tracks like Untamable, Into The Wild, and Never Bring Us Down are just a select few of the end products that Wildstylez has released recently and here in Portugal, we were blessed enough to catch a glimpse of his genius while closing out Galp Beach Party last year.

It’s no secret that Joram is a master remixer, having stamped his signature style on tracks like Armin Van Buuren’s Great Spirit, Chakra by W&W, and so many more. And last Friday, he presented us with yet another one, this time grabbing Edward Maya feat Vika Jigulina’s Stereo Love

The iconic plucky melody is present right from the start, with Vika’s vocals providing great support. Around the 38s mark we’re introduced to the first sign of things to come, with spirited kicks providing a great intro and transition to the breakdown. The original vocals are reprocessed – along with the original accordeon as well – but both are then imbued with the signature Wildstylez euphoria, climaxing in an epic drop, whose kicks could benefit from a small increase in low-end punch. All that aside, a stellar effort that is sure to revive some nostalgia and attract new fans. Check it out below!

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