After premiering Sharks from the upcoming Silver Bullet album, Phuture Noize releases yet another immense track that proves he’s exploring his own sound to the fullest. 365 is a track that celebrates everyone’s daily hustle and difficulties.

The track starts with sounds of a car starting and driving off, immediately followed by some drums giving it a somewhat 80’s vibe. The track progresses with soothing vocals, with the lyrics revolving around hustling all day and night and overcoming obstacles. The Hardstyle elements immediately take prominence shortly after, with a clock like effect in the background highlighting the intensity of the vocals. After this we have a section where we’re greeted with a melody high above and the usual punchy kick and bass combo that’s so characteristic of Marco’s sound, with his signature distorted bass. The section ends somewhat abruptly, something that’s rather unique, leading us to a break that more or less repeats the recipe of the intro, while still bringing some variation to the track. After the vocal section with the background synths we have a part where the melody shines through before we enter the build up that’s focused on the vocals. The track then drops a bit abruptly as well, bringing together all the best elements of the track. The outro features a car drifting away.

This is yet another immense piece of work from Phuture Noize, and likely one of the best tracks of his career. The 80’s inspired elements are very well integrated with a modern Hardstyle sound, and the elements that at first seem abrupt in this track make sense after listening a few times. You may not be very fond of this track at first, but it will surely grow on you. Another thing worth highlighting is the beautiful cover art. As said by the artist himself, his black mirror society label will also be a cultural platform, and this is indeed coming to life with the amazing artworks and videos that bring even more color to the message Marco wants to deliver.

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