This is one of those times you realize that the years go by really, really fast… Back in 2009, 3 talented young producers that were starting to appear in the spotlights of the Hardstyle scene decided to join together in the studio. What came out of this has left a huge dent in the genre. Tonight was the result of this titanic collaboration. Fast forward to 2020, and these three guys are at the absolute top of their game, and the scene as a whole. Headhunterz, Noisecontrollers and Wildstylez made history with this track.

This one was certainly a changing point in their career. It is one of those very few tracks that’s remembered and even played many, many years after its release. Every fan of the harder styles is certainly touched by its banging kick, amazing melody and impacting vocals. It is also a track that has touched me personally, and one of those that mark the beginning of my journey into the harder styles.

Later in 2012 this classic was reinterpreted by Alpha2, and this remix had a bit of a life of its own as well, being played really often as well. Adding to this, and almost as if they’d like to prove that making hits when joining together in the studio wasn’t a “one time thing”, they’ve repeated the feat later on, with tracks like World Of Madness (Defqon.1’s 2012 anthem), and also No One Can Stop Us Now. There’s no match for this wonder trio!

Hopefully today is a day you’ll reminisce, hearing this amazing track…

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