One of the latest Hardstyle releases hitting the airwaves comes from the Spoontech camp, and wow, what a punchy one! A very talented producer that goes by the name of Vyral is the one responsible for this masterpiece. Let’s go into Overdrive!

This three minute journey kicks off right away with a punchy kick and a nice bass down below and some effects in the background. There’s a short break, after which the track proceeds, adding some more background elements and hints of the melody that is to come. The track winds down on the break, introducing some orchestral like vocals. The build up seems simple, and doesn’t prepare for the listener for the insaneness that comes when the climax drops! It’s really nice and aggressive, the long melody feels great and just when you think things couldn’t get heavier, they do, with a devastating kick and bass combination! The track then winds down again but just for a brief moment before blasting through the speakers again, to end in great style. The vocal sample just before the drop is a tiny, but very nice detail.

Another unique release from the Spoontech camp. We’re always exited to hear what comes from their varied roster of artists and this doesn’t disappoint! Good job Vyral! Not only the track is great, but the covert art is epic, and has a reference to one of the most iconic movies ever!

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