A trio of acts joined together for a dark, epic, banging track! Freedom of Expression explores the depths of electronic music with its aptly named Dark Acid Mix.

The track kicks off using some acid sounds and a light kick pretty much without bass, and we get a vocal sample about the right of freedom of expression. The track then comes to a halt, and a screech introduces the following section that has a gritty bassline, a thumping kick with a hi-hat up top and acid elements completing the overall mood. The break recovers the vocal sample and has elements contributing to the dark atmosphere that increase their cadence as we progress. Some snares do the build up and the climax just suddenly drops with its immense thumping kicks and acid sounds just taking over the airwaves this time. Hi-hats are introduced mid way through this climax, along with other elements contributing to the overall dark atmosphere.

This is one of those tracks that remind us of a great night in an underground club where the basslines are heard and felt all night long, a vibe that we’re missing a lot in these troubled times!

This track is out now on Beatport

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