Hardcore mastermind Ophidian partnered up with experienced producer Penta to create an amazing track named This World. Released under the renowned The Third Movement label, this is a very well made track with an incredible atmosphere!

This immense tune starts with some plucks in the distance, and an impacting female voice talking about how the world can be both an amazing and a terrible place. We then get insane screeches filling up the airwaves and an intense build up backed by piano notes. The climax features a “fake drop” to an insane punchy kick down below, with a nicely distorted bass and an interesting screech along. The break winds the track back down with the same vocals, and a slightly different, more straight to the point buildup that quickly ends in a climax that unleashes the full energy of the kick and bass, together with the more melodic counterpart of the track. As we venture through the outro we’re greeted with yet another insanely punchy kick and bass combination that’s pleasing on good speakers. There’s a final part in the track showcasing a somewhat orchestral rendition of the overall concept, which is fun to hear!

Once again the impeccable sound design shines here. These are two producers that really focus a lot on quality instead of quantity, and their tracks showcase that perfectly, both individually and on this collaboration too!

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