It has been a long time since the first edition of this new Gearbox Lockdown movement, which consists of launching new tracks full of quality by the DJ’s and producers of Xtra Raw with the aim of motivating people to stay at home.

This time it comes with a higher dose than the first because there was a very positive feedback and so they decided to launch another great tracklist, excellent work by this label.

22 tracks in total with new sounds from Thyron, The Straikerz, Arzadous, Fraw, Sickmode and more!

A few highlights are Paralyzed, due to the use of immense vocals reminiscent of a Metal track, Party Started due to its relentless kicks, along with GANGSTAH that does portray some “gangster vibes” with the vocals and its rough kick and bass. Game Over is also something worth mentioning due to its funny melody!

Be sure to tell us through our social media what your favorite track is!

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