Above & Beyond have been around the dance music industry for as long as one might remember and they launched their label Anjunabeats back in 2000. You know what this means: 20 year celebratons.

That’s right, Above & Beyond have always pushed forward and helped young and new talents to make a career out of themselves and their music. They’ve been doing this for 20 years now and what started as a university project, later turned out to be one of the most influent and dearest record labels in the entire world.

In order to have a proper 20 year celebration, in spite of the entire situation the world is going through, not being able to perform and share their music live with their fans, Anjuna is doing something different. 20 artists from the label’s roster will sift through thousands of hours of music to create a definitive, mix of their all-time favorite Anjunabeats tracks. 

The first one to get his curation released is Oliver Smith and it will be out next Thursday, May the 28th! Every two weeks from then, a new compilation will be released from different artists everytime.

Well, Above & Beyond have also released something special and they’ve just put together some of their best club mixes into a great compilation of their own. The Club Mix Collection gathers all your favorite club mixes from the trio in the extended form or the mix version.

You can now listen to this compilation down here, so let us know what you think about it and how excited you are for these 20 year celebrations!

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