It seems that The Humming, a track from Atmozfears & Demi Kanon that people have been requesting for so long, is finally out… Or better, leaked, according to the artist in his Discord channel…

It’s a rather interesting turn of events for a track that was sought after by fans for so long. The track suddenly appeared on the artist’s Discord channel, with him stating the above shortly after!

Anyhow, you can enjoy it on the renowned lyrics website Lololyrics!

The track is inspired in Enya’s The Humming, and starts with the vocals from the original (and thus why it couldn’t be officially released). The mid-intro features an insanely punchy kick, as the artist has been getting us used to lately, with the break having some interesting sounds, such as a blade being unsheathed, and the vocals seen in the intro, along with the immense melody, that suddenly erupts through the airwaves. The build up prepares the listener for the intense climax that has an insane amount of bass, without it being too overwhelming. The second climax finishes the track with great force, with slight melody variations, where it is replaced by a screech.

An immense piece of art from two very talented artists. Fans can now rejoice, as they wanted this one for so long!

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