After a hiatus that seemed to last an eternity, Phuture Noize is back to releases with Sharks, a track taken from his upcoming Silver Bullet album.

Late last year, Phuture Noize stopped entirely to focus exclusively on what promises to be his biggest work of art to date. Silver Bullet was supposed to be presented during Phuture Noize’s very own X-Qlusive event, however the Coronavirus had other ideas in mind and thus, this event had to be postponed and Phuture Noize’s hiatus further extended, at least in what concerns live performances, but fear not! Silver Bullet is coming out this summer, regardless. But let’s dive straight in to this new track…

The track kicks off with the sound of waves in the background and a very soothing voice. The lyrics are about swimming with sharks, giving name to the track. The lyrics seem very deep and can be interpreted as putting yourself in a very dangerous situation. The percussion elements backing the vocals are really interesting and somewhat uncommon in Hardstyle. The track slowly rises in intensity until it lands on the lead melody erupting through the speakers. This, along with the vocals, lead us to the climax, which has the signature Phuture Noize kick and bass combination, with its nice distorted bass down below and really cool kickrolls. The following break returns to the vocals and the usual Phuture Noize atmosphere, including the cool percussion in the background just like we’ve heard earlier. Another climax hits, with a melody variation making the track even more intense, with the outro being once again the sound of the ocean, calming down the airwaves.

This track has everything that good Hardstyle is made of – an amazing atmosphere, rough kicks and a great melody. In addition to that, anyone should easily relate to the lyrics here. Another superb track from Marco, who’s certainly one of the biggest talents in the history of this genre.

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