The nº1 klaplong sensei of the world is once again exploring the fine line that delimits hardstyle and trance, in a truly epic new track.

This year so far, Pieter has embarked on a journey to revive and remaster his previous hard trance classics, releasing not one, but two massive track compilations containing full catalogs of releases: the first one, The Harder Trance Collection, focuses on 26 gorgeous tracks that revolve around the 2008-2014 period of Thera’s long-lasting career. It includes tracks like Ironically Unknown, Necessary Evil, Acid Company and much more, all of them remastered by Pieter himself.

The second one, released a few days after, is absolutely huge, as it contains the ENTIRE catalog of Therabyte, a now sadly defunct side label of Thera’s iconic Theracords. Containing 149 hard trance bangers from the likes of Geck-e, Drivium, Tiifa and so many more, it is a heartwarming way to say goodbye to such a history-rich label as Therabyte was.

On the singles side of things, Pieter has also chosen to rekindle the hard trance passion with Acid is Alright, a mind-blowing anthem with deep impacting kicks, soothing piano melodies and a ghostly atmosphere. This brand-new remix of Alice in Wonderland follows in on the same footsteps, but cranks everything up even more.

It starts out with a touching piano melody, backed up by a strong foundation of melodious harps and violins. The lead transitions nicely to massive saw synths, with deep, impactful samples in the background. Around the 58s mark is where the fun begins, in a drop riddled with profound, earth-shattering kicks in a robust display of the raw Thera hard trance sound. The breakdown grabs the previous melodic undertones and sees them through to the second drop, this time mashing them with the previously introduced main lead, beautifully arranged for an emotional last leg of the track.

Check out Thera’s new remix in the link below! If you like what you hear, maybe consider supporting his recently released compilations!

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