Here we are going to talk a little about a song that’s somewhat out of the ordinary, but very well structured by Tokyo Machine and that ends up being rather “out of the box”.

The times we live in unfortunately are of a very serious pandemic that affected us all, indirectly or not, but ended up affecting us. What ends up giving producers some time to innovate and create something that they themselves like to hear more often, was the case of Tokyo Machine that brought Guy Arthur with him to launch the new theme “Get Up” through NCS.

The intro of this track makes us go back a few years, reminding us of the sounds of the retro games that were played at the time. The track then progresses with something more serious, leading us to the drop with something much more stirred and electrifying, with melodies inspired by bass and dubstep, making all the energy come out. And this is a very curious release because along with it came the retro game “Flappy Duck” which premieres the NCS Arcade gaming platform. So if that’s your thing, you can access it here. Something very interactive launched by NCS with a great title and where you can have fun in addition to listening to good music.

With all this, it only shows that the whole mystery around Tokyo Machine ends up being “revealed” when he launches his themes and leaves everyone in the mood to listen more and more, for its versatility and capacity for innovation. In addition to works produced for games like Rocket League and one of the best-known VR games, Beat Saber, Tokyo Machine has also had the opportunity to work with artists like Slushii and Pegboard Nerds.

On the other hand, Polish producer Guy Arthur was highlighted for being featured in his remixes for artists like Sam Smith, Julian Jordan or Nero, along being featured in a co-production with Todd Helder in “Closer“.

Listen below the new track of Tokyo Machine and Guy Arthur:

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