Yesterday, around 3 pm, Warface decided to release a track where he gave it all he has!

It is not very common to see Warface producing this kind of sentimental track but when he does it, it is completely brilliant.

The first part of the track is excellent because the vocals are cut and just play that part of the vocal and the drop enters in a perfect moment, very very very interesting!

The climax in the second part of the drop, which is really good, is probably the highest point of the track, and the melody is immensely incredible with the aggressive drop that’s so typical of Warface’s style.

And finally one last succession of kickrolls, which we like the most!

This track has a special message for all fans and at the end of the video Warface says:

You can’t appreciate good times if you don’t experience bad times.
But keep in mind, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel.
Never give up and stay safe. Especially since the world is not a paradise

As we are all in the same situation and we all need motivation, Warface decided to leave his comfort zone and produce something that reached the hearts of the fans and I can say that it did reach mine. And I say the same to our daily readers, Wide Future is doing everything so that you can be entertained at home reading our articles from the DJ’s releases, opinions and everything else we do on our website.

Thanks for all the support, stay strong, and play this one from Warface loud!

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