The Dutch duo, Blasterjaxx, in which only one member performs, returns again to releases to present their new theme and show that the bigroom is alive.

The year 2020, marked by the corona virus, is already almost halfway through and many artists have taken advantage of the time in the studio to create new themes and thus be able to please the audience that is at home, hoping to be able to dance to the music of new songs. An example of this is Blasterjaxx‘s latest theme, “Phantasia“, released on their own label Maxximize Records.

In the opening seconds of the song, we soon realized that this is a song made by Blasterjaxx, those famous drum sounds that they have accustomed us throughout their career, then it comes up with a soft voice that gives another air to the music, then arriving at the first drop where we see the essence and what made Blasterjaxx have a great success in their career: the bigroom, a style that they keep and show that they are very much alive, and the true fans of the Dutch duo appreciate that. This whole theme takes us to another fantasy world, ending up escaping reality for a moment.

In 2020 Blasterjaxx had already released “Alive“, “Party All Week” and “Mthrfckr“. They also made a remix of the song “Million Voices” by Armin van Buuren, which was worth an entry on the album “Balance (Remixes)” and an EP of remixes of the song “Monster“.

Listen below the new track of Blasterjaxx:

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