The Straikerz, who they are and everything you need to know about them!

A Spanish duo who are experts in producing Xtra Raw Hardstyle and we see great potential in these magnificent producers and we will explain why.

Hardstyle is growing more and more in Spain and they decided to take advantage of this slide to be able to release tracks and, gentlemen, they’re such great tracks! As we mentioned many times in our articles, we really like that the producers develop a style of their own that we can instantly recognize, with their unique kicks and even melody or screech, and they have something very unique that you will surely love!

First listen to this track to get a certain idea of ​​how they produce and be ready for what kind of tracks you will hear:

Aggressive and clean kicks that enter your ear and take you to another level of hype, close to some of the best Xtra Raw kicks I’ve ever heard in my life.

This track is one of my favorites, not only because of the exploding kick but also because of the melody that is very well done:

There is another one that I want to mention with special attention to the vocals of Thommas Shelby, the main character of “Peaky Blinders”:

No Fucking Fighting!

This duo is part of Gearbox Digital, which is an excellent label to start their amazing work, because so far it has always been rising and I do not doubt that in the near future they will play at a festival in Spain and send the stage down.

The proof of this is that in the Netherlands they have been to several top festivals like Dominator and Fatality, and in Belgium they have been to the biggest Hard Dance event, The Qontinent! If it weren’t for the virus, they would go to Defqon.1 this year! Yes, to the biggest Hard Dance festival in the Netherlands. This is only the beginning of 2 stars that are growing.

The two started at indoor parties like this one and end up going to big stages as we mentioned.

Killshot gave this duo a little help by playing several of their tracks on his sets. Their songs need to be recognized and this article is for that, so as soon as you hear and if you like it as much as I did, make sure you follow their social media for more news and releases in the future!

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