One wasn’t enough! Right after launching his Harder Trance Collection, DJ Thera releases another very special and unique package – one containing the full catalog from the now defunct Therabyte sub label!

Therabyte was a sub label of Theracords that was active between 2009 and 2013. After four years of amazing releases, this small but interesting part of Theracords saw its demise due to a combination of factors, as Pieter himself explained in the interview we’ve had with him early in the year. This part of Theracords focused even harder on fresh sounds, experimentation and outside the box releases, with tracks that combined all sorts of Trance and Techno elements with Hard Dance. This resulted in unique releases that you cannot find anywhere else and that have a special place in the hearts of those who follow Theracords closely.

Personally, this label had a major impact on my taste in electronic music and if you’re a Hard Dance fan, this is a kind of sound that you really must explore!

The full catalog is available in the From The Hard store for just under 20€. That’s just 13 cents (!) per track. If you’re still not convinced to get this piece of Hard Dance history, please do take in mind that in this package you will find things like Geck-e’s Parallel Worlds

And things like Drivium’s Out Of The Blue!

And even Tiifa’s Reason To Panic!

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