Cat leader Geck-o treats us to another very funky release… We’re of course talking about the latest banger from the artist responsible for The Funky Cat label (or shall we say cultural platform? Label is starting to be a bit restrictive for these guys…). Anyhow, enough of talking, let’s dive heads on into this one…

The track kicks off with spooky vocals and acid inspired sounds that take you back to the early Hard Trance and Acid House days. The track slowly but steadily builds up, with this build up ending in a catchy vocal sample after which the track immediately drops to an insanely powerful and punchy kick and bass combination. Acid sounds carry us through this section, eventually winding the track back down to a breakbeat and a taste of old school rave synths. The break recovers the vocal samples already used and adds a simple melody to the mix that sounds like it’s made to perform well on huge arenas. Next thing you know, the track builds up again and suddenly drops once more. This part sees most of the elements now mixed together perfectly.

It’s insanely outstanding to hear these kinds of tracks from Geck-o. He really does punchy kicks and acid elements really well and tracks like these remind of us his hit Soul Train, which is a fan favorite and a track I personally love! So if you’re a fan of those kinds of sounds, look no further: this is the perfect track for you.

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