Today, Ghost Stories aka D-Block & S-te-Fan decided to release yet another legendary track for the books and, as always, another track filled with a scary story with the fantastic voice of D-Block’s sister, Evelyn.

The Enemy (You Cannot See)” is the new track for this wonderful trio. Always a very strong melody with a “scary” screech and the always appetizing kicks that together lead you through the “nightmare”, don’t be scared! The climax of the track is like always in the perfect spot, but, I’m not giving you any news as these two are already famous for being masters in production and even in Hardstyle, the years don’t weigh on them and regardless of age they are ready to make more history in Hardstyle, more than they already did!

This new concept “Ghost Stories” emerged from a track with the same name that, in the year that was released, was considered by many to be the best track released and that deserved an award. Thanks to this feedback they decided to take the track and form a group together with D-Block’s sister and produce tracks based on ghost stories, as the track refers.

The voice of “Ghost Stories”

This new concept made the fans impatient and very anxious for the first show and how it would be all around these stories and let’s say it was very good! I personally went to Reverze last year and saw “Ghost Stories Live” and I never thought they could do such a great show, D-Block’s sister made a notable difference on the set!

Here is a short video of what it was like that night

Here are some tracks by these men and woman, which, in my humble opinion, are their best tracks so far:

A curious fact is that this track came out at a suitable time because at this moment we are fighting an enemy that we cannot see but he can see us. Together we will overcome this enemy.

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