Aversion is smashing the airwaves with yet another epic release! This time he brings us Global Revolution, a track that’s out on Theracords, as usual.

The track kicks off with a bang and robotic-like vocals that fit the overall mood. We’re then led through by a catchy melody to a punchy mid-intro, like this artist has used us to. The distorted bass sits nicely down below. The break focuses heavily on the melodic side of the track, with the build up quickly leading us into a “fake drop”, followed by a climax that puts the pedal to the metal and focuses on the roughness of the kicks. There’s a short break after it and we’re then led to a climax that joins the best of the track’s roughness with its catchy melody and a few other interesting elements topping it off and finishing it in style!

Aversion has been releasing really epic tracks as of lately. After tracks like Clouds, with DJ Thera, The Sky, or Swan Song, this is yet another one that will surely make you have a look at what he’s been doing and how his sound has been evolving!

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