Oliver Heldens is known for his classic Future House sound but this time, one of his instant classics Cucumba, alongside Moguai just got flipped into something completely different, by the hands of the master Ilan Bluestone.

That’s right, the ‘tronce’ father has just put his mind into this brand new project and Cucumba is now seeing the light of day as the face of the new Future Tronce House. This is Ilan’s debut on Heldeep Records, Oliver’s label and this is a promising one.

It kicks off with a classic Ilan Bluestone intro drop, filled with out of this world basslines, when the main melody starts playing in the background. The characteristic sounds on this one will spark a fire in your ears and will stick inside your head for a while.

Then, it evolves into a calm melodical break down, full of strings, plucks and the original sound, leading into a powerful drop, where the tronce feeling will take over and the progressive melodies fit perfectly.

You’ll probably feel the need to dance for a while, as summer festivals have been canceled or delayed, due to the situation we’re living right now. Things will work out just fine, as long as we keep doing what we’re supposed to: staying at home.

Make sure to listen to Ilan’s remix down here and let us know what you think about it!

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