Latest release hitting the airwaves through the unique bitbird imprint is none other than the Like Lightning EP from the talented Rome In Silver. This artist has shown with his releases that he has quite an outside the box approach to his music, and this EP is no exception.

At first glance, this EP might seem a bit disappointing for those that follow the artist and the label, given only one out of the four tracks is new, however you will quickly put that aside when listening to the new track, You Don’t Know (what it’s like).

The track kicks off with a breakbeat slowly fading in and then suddenly taking over the airwaves, together with a few interesting elements, such as a vocal sample and a scratch effect. Then a melody pops up, guiding us through the song, along with the “what it’s like” vocal sample, sitting magnificently on top of the beats. The track then suddenly appears to wind down together with some string effects, but the fact is that it actually winds up, giving for a very interesting change of pace. After this break, we carry on with the broken beat, in a more uptempo mood than previously. This then suddenly changes to a more regular “4 to the floor” beat, showing Rome In Silver’s versatility.

The pace variations in the track make it an absolute journey that we’re sure you’ll love as much as we do!

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