This week on the 29th edition of our Imminent Radioshow, we’ve got David Souza, a talent that’s been slowly breaking through with his Housey vibes!

Although he’s been around for a while, David Souza’s potential is still limitless. Fueled by a burning passion for music, he shows great potential for the future, and was a natural guest for our radioshow. We caught up with the now veteran DJ/Producer for the usual questions

How was your start as an artist?

My first official steps in djing began in 2006, in a DJ contest in my hometown, Leiria, a format not very popular at that time. Even though I lacked experience, I managed to finish in the top 3, which opened some doors to perform at various clubs around the city.

Meanwhile, around the same time I began djing, I also started to produce music. Well, in hindsight, I actually began producing before djing, because years before, I already had lots of fun combining loops and melodies on eJay! (laughs)

I released my first record in 2007, and since then I’ve been gaining support by the likes of Oliver Heldens, Bob Sinclar, Fedde Le Grand, Kryder and many more.

Biggest inspirations?

It’s hard to give a few examples of big inspirations because I like various kinds of music, but I can say that I’ve started being a huge fan of Axwell back in the days when he made classic house gems. Around the same time, I remember I liked a lot the stuff Ian Carey made. More recently, I’ve been largely influenced by artists like Oliver Heldens, Lucas & Steve, Mr. Belt & Wezol, just to name a few. Give me nice melodies, a good bass and groove, and I’m dancing already, regardless of genre!

What obstacles did you face and how did you surpass them?

It’s not a direct obstacle, but I’m aware that not having had a manager made things harder and did not let me have more experience, especially concerning live shows. Having good connections is very important so, not having them might slow the progress of your career.

Also, when I started producing around 2006, it was very different than it is now. There wasn’t a ton of YouTube tutorials or DAW templates or other ways to make our work easier and faster. As a self-taught producer, I took a long time learning how to produce and nowadays it’s crazy the amount of awesome talents under 20 years old, which, honestly, I wish I was as good as! (laughs)

And as a full-time worker at my job, music was always a side project and hobby, which I love, but that couldn’t make into my first priority. So, there were moments that I had to decline gig offers or not being able to be at the studio because of my job.

In the mix, he refers the likes of Skrillex, Chris Lake, Karetus, Mo Falk and many more in an diverse hour of pure mood! Check it out:

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