The Dutch hardstyle legend has finally decided to release one of his longest anticipated tracks as a free download, amidst the coronavirus hardship we face.

Headhunterz’s career has been a fulfilling one, with anthem after anthem and hit after hit. Real name Willem Rebergen, this man has gone through thick and thin to achieve his god-like status in dance music history. With an impressive track record such as his that contains studio albums, compilations, mixes, an endless slur of hymns and much more, it’s hard to highlight just a single track. However, one can pinpoint Dragonborn as one of his greatest hits ever.

Inspired by Bethesda’s 2011 videogame Skyrim, Dragonborn was nothing more than an emotional homage to Heady’s favorite videogame. It recycled elements from Jeremy Soule’s – Skyrim’s original OST composer – Dragonborn, as well as screeches, roars and lyrics inspiration from the game itself. All of this wrapped into a high octane 150bpm package that slowly but surely became one of Heady’s cult tracks. For years, his fans asked for a follow-up, a “part 2” if you will, and what began as a simple tease from Headhunterz during his festival sets, has finally evolved into a full fleshed-out track: Dragonborn Part 2 is now ready for your listening pleasure.

Although the official videoclip came out 4 days ago, it wasn’t until yesterday that Willem unveiled how we could get our hands on the track. During his “Home of Hardstyle” stream, responsibly transmitted from Headhunterz’s own home, a Hypedddit link was put live for free download. All you need is your name and email, and boom Dragonborn Part 2 is yours. The wait is over at last, click here to get your copy!

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