Pete K has emerged from his silence with a stunning new release, “Take Me Now”, out on Third Party’s Release Records!

There should be a picture of Pete K under the definition of “quality over quantity”. The Lisbon native has been an essential name of the Portuguese scene for years now, growing from a promising progressive house golden boy to the eclectic mastermind he is today, playing with deep house, tech house, techno and much more. Influenced by the sounds of Eric Prydz, Jeremy Olander and more, Pete’s career goes as far back as 2011, as a naïve 18-year old Pedro Caldeira released Rising and Mute Vibes.

Since then, he has exploded exponentially with releases on Zerothree, Colorize, Axtone and Release Records, Pete’s spiritual home over the last couple of years. And in spite of having accomplished all of this, Pete still has so much to give, as proven by Take Me Now. Following a 2019 that saw him release 4 carefully crafted tracks – Nova, Gotten, Enouement and NostalgiaPete is writing the first line of his 2020 release book with his brand new single.

Built around simple yet beautifully processed vocals, Take Me Now is a journey through a myriad of shivering synths, punchy low-end and plucky percussion, all wrapped around a rumbling bassline that courses throughout the entirety of the track. Another magnum opus from Pete, perfect for turning your sad frown upside down with his contagious and playful melodicity!

Check out Take Me Now below!

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