Wonder boy Valido returns to releases with Imagination, on Theracords Labs. This up and coming producer has surprised us time and time again with his innovative approach, and this is yet another epic release from someone who’s been focusing on quality instead of quantity, and rightfully so.

The track starts with dreamy female vocals talking about dreams and imagination. We get a catchy melody erupting through the speakers right after, and without further ado, the track releases a huge burst of energy with a punchy kick and a distorted bass down below, with the melody carrying us through. The track switches up, with the vocals introducing us to a rougher part that focuses on the heavy kicks. We then get a gorgeous break with soothing atmosphere sounds and the vocals. The build up is quick to get to the climax, making the track go out with a bang, in a very melodic way.

Once again this artist balances roughness and melody perfectly, representing what Hardstyle is truly about: roughness, but with a lot of feeling. Be sure to stream it many, many times – our favorite artists are counting on us to do so during these troubled times!

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