The State of Anarchy records label has delivered the Hardcore fans a new massive release, this time featuring its creator and one of the top notch names in the scene, Tha Playah, and Never Surrender, a man that is well known in the game and working hard to leave a huge footprint in the scene as his three releases already in 2020 prove, being the latest one to come out their collab Hardcore Door Je Donder.

After collaborating for Gunshow back in 2018 (released for Neophyte’s label) and for the Masters of Hardcore Austria 2019’s anthem, The Craving, and adding them to Tha Playah’s album published last year (Sick and Twisted), it was definitely time to complete this “tradition” and to make it a third year in a row of collabs.

Hardcore Door Je Donder shows perhaps the heaviest face of these two men, starting by its speed being around 200 BPM and for its range of kicks, giving space for some typical Mainstream Hardcore, Industrial and even some high pitched Uptempo kicks. As a synopsis we can tell you to expect a heavy track, with really short breaks among each drop.

Tha Playah and Never Surrender have also prepared a challenge for you! If you wish to appear in their new collab videoclip, you just need to send them a video of you shouting the vocals or simply dancing to

To buy their tune you can go to and the streaming version is available down here:

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