Today, around 6 pm, Alex T and REDEN decided to launch another collaboration, “Endless War“.

With vocals that express sad but powerful feelings, with a melody that matches the vibe of the track title “Endless War“. The kick is phenomenal because Hardstyle does not always show its very aggressive side and sometimes shows its emotional (but still powerful) side and how you can notice this smooth kick.

The break features a breakbeat part with soothing vocals, and then we get a soft melody erupting through the airwaves that we can certainly relate to REDEN’s sound. The climax has a reverse based inspired part that is of Alex T’s preference, sow e can certainly see a bit of both artists in this track.

As we mentioned earlier on our website, and as Alex T told us about his plans, is that he would be preparing several things for the scene to grow and in order to gain more audience so that everyone likes the “end product”, but what am I talking about?

For a few weeks, Alexis da Luz decided to do a saga of episodes “Quarantine Sessions” in which he invited national DJ’s to answer some of the questions to his fans and at the end of the questions and answers, they played a set with their favorite tracks for 1 hour, interesting isn’t it? The shows were all in Portuguese but you have the opportunity to hear some of the sets of the challenged DJ’s and guests for his shows here:

As for REDEN, he is a Portuguese producer and DJ with a lot of brilliance ahead of him and a very good production quality, and besides being a Hardstyle lover, REDEN gives some very good touches in the Big Room scene, you can listen to some of his tracks here but we recommend that listen to this one:

To get a sense of how underrated this producer is, “Luna 4” is one of the Hardstyle tracks that brought positive feedback from one of Hardstyle’s greatest legends, the well-known “Melody Man” aka Frontliner, and has had air time on national radio as well.

This took place in one of the Frontliner’s livestreams where he normally asks small producers to send their demos and REDEN did so and got a magnificent surprise.

Thank you, Frontliner!

An excellent track came out of the oven by these two young people and it will certainly be a track that you will download as the artists said that this track will be open to everyone! Free Download! If you liked the track, rest assured that you will download the track as it shows great support for our future, the future of electronic music.

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