R3HAB is far from an unknown face in the dance music industry and in spite of having taken a commercial route for his career in his past few releases, he keeps showing off the different paths his songs can take.

In fact, he’s been releasing some intense remixes from other artists and the latest one is pure adrenaline. Tommy Jayden just brought out the darkest side of More Than Ok and it will make your ears and eyes pop out.

Keeping up with the commercial side at the beginning, this remix quickly evolves into a pretty dark tone, where the outstanding groove takes control and leads to an insane build-up of energy, that simply explodes on a powerful drop. With intense basslines and some insane “what even are these” chops, this one is the perfect example of how an original track can have two completely different sides.

Tommy Jayden has releases under some major labels such as Fonk Recordings, Maxximize Records and Future House Music, adding up to millions of streams. If you haven’t heard about him before, make sure you take a second to listen to his work.

In the meantime, listen to his latest remix for R3HAB here:

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