Firelite presents his solo debut on Dirty Workz after reinforcing its roster very recently. Packed with the usual dose of energy this artist has got us used to, Fire In The Sun will definitely ‘take you there’, wherever that place may be!

The track begins with very soothing vocals from a soft male voice, which leads us to a punchy mid intro with a nice bassline down below. The second part of this mid-intro has some extremely interesting vocal manipulation, with them going to a really high pitch way above. The break has a soft melody in the background with the vocals returning once more, and a few light percussion elements. The atmosphere doesn’t stay quiet for much longer, with the melody erupting though the speakers prominently. The melody is catchy and leads us to the build up that increases the intensity in a crazy way. The climax is everything you’d expect, energetic, punchy, with the great melody leading the way.

Very strong release from an artist that’s been showing himself as one of the biggest creative forces in the genre in the last few months. This is certainly someone you’ll want to have on your ones to watch list!

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