Adaro and Kronos teamed up remotely during this quarantine for one of the best releases we’ve seen in the last few months. Ghost Town is an absolute banger of a track that borrows the amazing voice from renowned vocalist Last Word.

The track begins with Last Word’s strong vocals and an impactful kick. Just before the mid intro drops, there’s a really cool scratch effect and then all hell breaks loose in what’s probably the mid intro with the punchiest kick variations we’ve seen in a while. The break has lyrics that somewhat fit the troubled times we’re living in, as it talks about empty streets, desperate times and living in a ghost town. After that, the melody breaks through the airwaves. The vocals carry us through the build up, and the climax is very heavy in what concerns kick and bass, but very melodic as well, with a catchy melody countering the roughness, and making this track very balanced overall. The last part unleashes all the power this track carries, and will surely get everyone raving in the dancefloor once we can do so again.

Very well made from Adaro & Kronos, especially for the fact that it wasn’t possible at all to meet personally in the studio. Not only that but also, as revealed by Adaro himself in his recent Q&A with the Hardstyle Portugal community, this track was made in just one week!

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