Graham Bell have been absolutely killing it so far, and this new release is but a taste of what their capable of, as their future looks bright!

This DJ/Producer duo hails from Israel, and have a peculiar backstory: instead of starting their career from scratch like most aspiring artists, Assaf Tuvia and Gai Abutbul started as ghost producers and sound engineers. They honed their craft until their production skills were top notch, and then launched themselves as independent artists. They find their strength in big room and trance, merging euphoric synths, catchy melodies and powerful percussion.

Their first official track as Graham Bell came in an official remix of Avancada and Darius & Finlay’s Xplode back in 2017 and since then, Assaf and Gai have only cranked it up even more: they feature releases on Armind, InHarmony and, as of this year, W&W’s Rave Culture. And it seems like this is the perfect home for their music, as is demonstrated in their brand spanking new release Pam Pam (Phat Bass).

Released after their harmonious official remix of Armin Van Buuren’s Miles Away, Pam Pam had big shoes to fill and they did so perfectly. The track starts out with a bang, introducing us directly to the drop that, instead of synths, features a simple yet effective vocal hum that has mainstage banger splashed all over it. The breakdown takes cinematic horns and speeds them up, climaxing in a wide, echoey lead, drowned out for the second drop’s huge kicks, gigantic percussion and…well, “phat bass”. Pam Pam is a mainstage hit for sure, and we hope it doesn’t fall victim to the circumstances and festival cancellations.

Check out Pam Pam (Phat Bass) in the link below! And keep an eye out, we might have a surprise along with Graham Bell coming soon….

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