The StadiumX duo finally released their own label and brought Sam Martin with them for a great collaboration that they don’t want you to miss.

They were one of the pairs that had the most support from Nicky Romero at Protocol Recordings, with countless tracks released in it and that now see their work bearing fruit. The Hungarian duo StadiumX thus launches their own label, Sub Religion Records. And as good news never comes alone, behold, the first track also arrives, which will be the start, hopefully, to a great label. “Be Mine” is the first single from Sub Religion Records, featuring the powerful voice of Sam Martin who together with StadiumX create an epic track where progressive-house is king.

This is not the first time that StadiumX and Sam Martin partnered, they have already crossed paths in a collaboration with Nicky Romero, on “Love You Forever” and talking more about Sam Martin, he had one of his greatest recognitions in the songs made with the French DJ and producer, David Guetta, where he was responsible for the vocal part of “Lovers on The Sun” and “Dangerous

StadiumX expresses what they think about the launch of their own label: “We’re really excited to launch our own label ‘Sub Religion” and we couldn’t think of anyone better to collaborate with for our first official release than Sam Martin. We had such a huge hit with him and Nicky (Romero) last year with ‘Love You Forever’ and we’re so pleased that the chemistry between all three of us was yet again superb. We’re very proud of the end result, we’ve spent a good few months making sure ‘Be Mine’ was totally perfect, we hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do!

Listen below the new track of StadiumX and Sam Martin:

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