A new release from DJ Thera just hit the airwaves! This one is for those that love the early Hard Trance vibes and who are fans of all of DJ Thera’s Hard(er) Trance productions. Acid Is Alright is the kind of track that the artist’s fans wanted for a while, so this is an absolute treat for them!

The track kicks off with a soothing piano background and echoey vocals. The acid then kicks in with full force, with a deep impacting kick down below. The break is similar to the intro, with it slowly increasing the intensity of the track, adding back all the good elements, including the melody and the vocals. The climax hits the listener suddenly with its powerful kick and bass, along with the simple, but catchy melody, with the acid elements being added as we progress, with these being carried over to the outro, and being the stand out element there. To wrap it all up, we get that soothing piano that makes us feel like we’re floating again!

Those keeping track of this artist have certainly heard, at some point, tracks like Ironically Unknown, the Hardertrance Remix of Acid Impressions or the Hardertrance Remix of Reset. These are all tracks where Pieter goes back to his early days of Trance, mashing it up with his love for Hardstyle. The end result is always amazing and personally, I’m a big fan of these kinds of sounds, they get me going on the dancefloor every time! We’re sure you’ll enjoy it as well. Play it loud!

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