The newly created label Qore continues its streak of impressive releases, this time bringing a legendary producer on board with yet another unique release. Ophidian released Silver which, according to the artist, is “a modern take on old-school Industrial sounds, with dark atmospheres, but with some melody and harmony snuck in halfway”, something that in our opinion is an amazing summary of this immense track.

The track kicks off with a spooky atmosphere with intense vocals. We’re then immediately led to a section with an assortment of really punchy kicks and an amalgam of heavy and dark sounds, inspired in the Industrial Hardcore beats. The break returns to the intense vocals, with a spooky synth in the background, which leads us to a breakbeat part that would perfectly suit a soundtrack of a horror movie. The second part of the track drops out of nowhere, which really pleased me personally and we then have a part that would be best described as a mashup of peace and chaos, with a soothing orchestral like background being topped by rough beats.

Ophidian has been enjoying a high point of his career as of lately, with epic releases like the From The Ashes and the Messenger EP’s, and this is yet another epic track coming from an absolute master. In what concerns the label, with only four releases, Qore is already poised to become one of the hottest Hardcore labels of the moment with such strong releases from heavyweights of the scene!

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