The latest banger from Jesse Jax is finally out, on Dirty Workz as usual, and it is a masterpiece that can combine soothing parts with heavy kicks! We’re talking about Run It Up, a fresh piece of music to cheer your quarantine up!

The track starts with some soft background elements, together with a breakbeat and rap vocals. The Hardstyle oriented elements soon appear, and then we get a punchy mid-intro. The break is similar too the intro, with the melody soon kicking in and preparing the listener for the climax. The build up features the vocals prominently as well, with the climax dropping to a nicely distorted bass, with the punchy kicks we’ve seen, and the melody up high filling up the airwaves. The short break between climaxes gives everyone on the dancefloor time to breathe, with the second climax finishing the track with a bang. The outro winds everything down in a soothing way.

Another really cool track from an artist that always delivers quality tunes. Smash hits like The Virtual World and Dark Star are proof of this!

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