Episode 28 is upon us as we walk the road to episode 30! For this week’s edition, we invited an up and coming trance trio: ladies and gentlemen, EMKR!

First created as a duo back in 2014, EMKR are part of a dying breed in the Portuguese dance music scene: they’re trying their luck in trance, and to a very positive degree of success. with notable releases on Quartzo Records, famed youtube channel Nik Cooper and, more recently MaRLo’s Reaching Altitude with Nightshift. We asked this talented trio the usual questions and here’s what they had to say:

How did you have your start as artists?

In 2014, at the start, EMKR was founded by 2 members (Dinis and Nuno) after we met each other on school. We were in the same class, and shared the love for EDM at the time. We just installed the FL Studio trial and started messing around with some sounds, just as a hobby. This hobby grew into us after some time, as we started to be much more passionate about making beats and learning music production.

A couple of years after that we met Miguel, our third member, and we invited him because we really think he could add a lot to our performances. As of then, we have been building our brand, perfecting our productions and investing each more on live acts.

Biggest inspiration?

We were always huge fans of big room, and 2014 was the golden age of this sub-genre, so, artists like W&W, Blasterjaxx and Armin van Buuren really influenced us to get into the music industry because of their perseverance, uplifting sounds, and just the way they were really rooted into the scene. In addition to them, we really look up to artists like SaberZ, Husman and AVAO because of the new wave of stuff they bring!

What obstacles have you faced, and how did you surpass them?

The main obstacle production wise was the same as every producer at the beginning: everything sounded bad, really bad, and we wanted to change that. So, we really invested a lot of time in tutorials, masterclasses, basically everything that we could get our hands into and that could help us reach another level. Talking about live acts, and as most “unknown” Portuguese DJ’s, we struggle to get shows but that’s something we are also trying to overcome and not just complain about blindly.

These guys feature tracks from AVAO, Graham Bell, SaberZ and a literal ton of their own tracks for an epically energetic mix! Watch out for EMKR, we’re sure they’ll resurface on your music radar again…

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