This afternoon, Hardstyle legend Wildstylez, together with the mysterious Aftershock, launched their first collaboration on the promising label, Art of Creation, where art is indeed the label’s strongest point.

The music starts with a very calm atmosphere, and in the moment after that, the mood changes right away with a fantastic compilation of kicks, an anti-climax that manages to combine euphoric and raw vibes at the same time, the best of both worlds! The melody is capable of being the strongest point of the song, along with the vocals that really match the melody, and the end result is really impressive.

Wildstylez, as we mentioned earlier, already has a story to tell his children and grandchildren about how his career has risen so spontaneously and he runs through the world full of bookings and fans.

As many in the community say, Wildstylez is equivalent to wine, the older the better, and we agree. Sometimes, many DJ’s after so many years of career get to a point where they can’t evolve at all, or they simply stay in their comfort zone and Wildstylez was something quite different from the rest because he has always been improving over the years, with a better release than another and so on. It has become for many a source of inspiration and motivation.

Aftershock appeared from “nowhere” and already has a few releases also of extreme quality. His first booking was in the last edition of Hard Bass where we had the opportunity to hear many new songs in 30 minutes and the audience went crazy. Who, after all, who is Aftershock? We have an idea, but we do not know for sure!

But this young man’s production style is similar to that of Sub Sonik. But, unlike Sub Sonik, which focuses on Raw, Aftershock tries to combine Raw with Euphoric in a very interesting way, as you can hear on these tracks:

Will we ever know who Aftershock really is? We have to wait and see!

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