DJ/Producer Stonebank has reached his hand into his “incredible melodies” briefcase once more and magically pulled out SOS.

Stonebank is just one of those producers that are criminally underrated by the scene in general. Real name Michael Stonebank, the brit first appeared back in 2014, with his debut single: Eagle Eyes, a melodic dubstep banger with his significant other, singer/songwriter EMEL. This kickstarted a successful partnership not only with his wife – who has lent her voice to countless of his tracks – but also with Monstercat, where Stonebank has remained almost exclusively, releasing the vast majority of his tracks there.

Over the years, Stonebank has adventured to many genres, dabbling in Drum n’ Bass, Future Bass, Melodic Trap, and even trance-y inspired tunes – such as Lift You Up, for example – but through all of these, Stonebank’s philosophy of gorgeous melodies and expressive lyrics combined with aggressive, satisfying kicks has always prevailed, as is evident in SOS.

Following a 2019 that saw him at him at his strongest yet, Stonebank gifts his fans with his first solo effort of this year. The track starts out with a haunting atmosphere, conducted by Elizaveta’s pitch perfect vocals and transporting the listener to the shiver-inducing main lead backed up by the sentimental lyrics. The drop is a stark contrast, but demonstrates perfectly why Stonebank is among the very best in everything hard-hitting, in this reverse bass masterpiece. The breakdown lets Elizaveta shine once again amongst the cinematic percussion and dreamy pads, climaxing the unique release of energy we’ve grown to love. Another unique track that only Stonebank could achieve, catapulting his momentum and leaving fans yearning for more.

Check it out in the link down below!

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