The Dutch DJ and producer, Oliver Heldens, presents us with another great theme that will move you through these difficult times. Curious?

The days are difficult, sometimes we don’t know what to do while we’re at home, however, we discover Oliver Heldens and things take on another meaning. “Details” is the new track by the talented Dutch DJ and producer, who promises to make your home a true dance floor.

It is undoubtedly a song in the style of OH, bringing in Boy Matthews who adds a lot to this new theme. The fantastic and energetic groove of the music means that you cannot stand still and that is how you have to feel the music today. And Oliver Heldens knows how to excite his audience with this type of fantastic productions and with a voice that is also brilliant, fitting perfectly into this track.

A theme that promises fame to the talented OH. Something that he has already accustomed his audience to, the most diverse productions with immense artists, never escaping his usual style, while also ending up innovating in what he does. With all the success that he has with his fans throughout his career, we can only hope for more hits like this.

Listen below the new track of Oliver Heldens:

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