Today, this young Portuguese prodigy has reached an achievement, released his first track on Harsh Records, “The Show” and what a track this young man has shown.

A very simple and attractive melody along with some very accelerated lyrics.

The climax of the track is quite pleasant and is in fact a melody to be sung out loud by the audience. The second part of the track is already more aggressive with a raw anti-climax that nobody expected, two very different moods in one track, respect! It was a very interesting transition on the part of this young man. The end result is splendid.

How did Thom Hartz achieve this goal? His great friend Toxicfever (also a young Portuguese producer of Xtra Raw) insisted that he send his Demo to Junkie Kid’s Live Demo Sessions in search of new talent, in fact he was an MVP to have him insist on sending the Demo without fear to the Junkie Kid. These two have performed together once when they won a contest to open a bar that would be filled with Hard Dance music and these two opened the an In Dust party, a moment to be remembered in the future.

Thom Hartz is still very young but his head keeps working and he wants to produce more and show that he loves electronic music and that he can do more and better, make sure you follow him on Spotify to get to know his future releases.

Recently he was the guest of DJ Alex T’s Quarantine Sessions in which he took great pleasure in inviting him and if you want you can listen to the magnificent set he made here:

With time and patience, we will see more full releases, stay tuned to this kid because he will be talked about a lot in the near future.

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