The Queen is here, ready to rock your speakers. Deetox just unleashed her debut release at Scantraxx after moving to the renowned label, and oh my! Going Under is an amazing banger, it’s already constantly on repeat on our side!

The track starts with thunderous vocals and a huge kick. The mid intro is punchy and is sure to get the dancefloor moving! The break is soothing with the vocals containing the lyrics that gave the track its title. There’s a dubstep inspired part that suits really good in the overall mood of the track and the build up leads us to an anti climatic part that has an epic kick and bass combination, topped by a slight screech just above. Then there’s a short break which quickly leads us to the intense climax that unleashes the rawness of the kicks together with the air piercing melody!

Yet another amazing effort from Deetox who’s been at the absolute highest point of her career, with amazing productions and a 2019 filled with astonishing performances. Are you enjoying this track? Let us know through our socials!

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