The king of Hardcore in Spain, a name that should have been already officialised as a title of what Wasted Mind represents in the scene, has had his face on the news recently for his return after a (too) long break away from the decks, stages and even of producing with a brilliant EP that grouped 4 new tunes, showing the fans of the genre that he is more than ready to deliver the best and heaviest material that we all wish for and, with this on the Spanish DJ/Producer’s mind, Wasted Mind releases now The Creator for the Masters of Hardcore label.

The new single begins with a quite calm percussion mixed with a low volume synth that quickly rises and takes control with some good vibe sounds that may lead into making the mistake of thinking that this is the calmest possible version of Hardcore music, however a vocal gets in and, right after it, perhaps one of the heaviest kicks created by Wasted Mind hits you like a shock wave and by the time this happens, a wild bass face appears out of a sudden.

If you enjoy tracks with a speed that goes around 190 BPM’s and manages to combine powerfully distorted kicks with some beautiful synths, this is definitely a track designed for you.

Wasted Mind mixes the style that his old fans are used to with the contemporary version of the scene just fine, as you can listen down here or even purchase it at the website.

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