Today, this Spoontech Records legend decided to release another track in this quarantine period.

The Purge is already well known in the Xtra Raw scene because Spoontech Records is already many years old and the DJ’s that are part of this label have a very characteristic sound that makes their production style unique. He already released lots of quality tracks and you can listen to some here:

Moving on to our focus, the track contains lots of very distorted kicks typical of Spoontech Records, somewhat reminiscent of the Delete as he’s not only the co-founder of this imprint, but also released there for a long time.

The history of both Spoontech and The Purge has always been brilliant, so much so that last year they hosted Qapital’s second stage with a night full of distorted kicks and dark melodies.

The Purge warned that, even with the situation we are going through today, he would keep his production level high and that the next releases (counting with this one) would be very interesting.

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