Do you remember those tracks that The Pitcher recovered from a crashed hard drive a few years back? One of them has just been released! Together As One is the latest hit from this amazing artist.

The track kicks off with a piano melody in the background, together with Sam Lemay’s amazing voice. The melody slowly kicks in and then suddenly erupts through the speakers, giving the listener immense summer vibes. Just before the climax there’s the “together as one” vocal and then the track unleashes all its energy! There’s a break between climaxes featuring the stand out vocals prominently once more and then the simple but addicting melody kicks off again. The second climax has a really cool variation with a few kicks rolls to top this amazing track off.

This track will resonate well with all Hardstyle fans, especially in the times we are living, given it is a track with a huge summer vibe and with lyrics that make you remember the good times spent on festivals. It will also resonate with those who are fond of the classic sounds, as this track has the “old school” The Pitcher recipe, but updated to make it more modern and more dancefloor friendly in this day and age.

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