We caught up with this up and coming techno duo Synästhesie, and took the most out of the time they so graciously provided us.

With early beginnings in 2014, Emiliano Di Clemente and Simone Mancin form Synästhesie, a duo which intends to provide a unique vision and sensation to the techno scene. Their first effort came in 2016, in the shape of the Tunnel EP, but since then the two friends have been poised and preparing their grand entrance. With a small yet mighty discography, Synästhesie are having their best year to date, with the Bless EP and two tracks: Terraformazione and Shapeless feat. Vis:on. With Tale of Us, SOEL, Oostil and more already backing up these guys, Synästhesie are a name to keep an eye out for the remainder of 2020!

Wide Future [WF]: First of all, thank you guys for taking some of your time to answer some questions!

Synästhesie: Thank you for having us!

[WF]: So, how did Synästhesie start? Did you have separate projects before the “Synästhesie” name became a thing? And why choose this name?

Simone [S]: Well, it’s funny: we started in 2014 in front of a beer. We met each other thanks to a friend in common. Before that, we were djing as solo projects since high school. When we met, we started talking about music for a while, and… here we are!
Emiliano [E]: We wanted our sound to be unique, and we are definitely not the kind of DJ’s or producers who are always stuck on one genre, so we needed a name that could represent both the mix of our two identities and a multitude of influences. Synesthesia is a disorder which combines your senses, so it seemed perfect for us. We decided to use it in the German translation as a ‘tribute’ to the Berlinese scene – which really influenced us. 

[WF]: When did your love for dance music – and more specifically techno – first come about?

[S]: I must have been around 16 or 17 years old, I was very interested in dance music and progressive house. I started to listen to techno around 2012, but I authentically fell in love with it when I moved to Berlin one year later.
[E]: I became interested in electronic music when I was very young: my older friends had dance, electronica, trip hop, house and tribal house tapes and CDs that we used to play at our parties. Then I discovered progressive, minimal, Dn’B and garage. Techno came into my life like six or seven years ago, and I’m still “studying” it.

[WF]: What are your biggest inspirations? When do you guys find yourselves feeling creative?

[S]: Inspiration can come from anywhere: a movie, a piece of art, something I see on the streets, etc.
[E]: Same, I can find inspiration in literally everything, even an unexpected talk, or other people’s work. I must admit that sometimes, in very stressful moments of my life, I was super productive: music can definitely be a way to decompress.

[WF]: After Terraformazione – which is a wonderful track that got a lot of support – you have released an epic collab with Vis:on called Shapeless. How long have you been working on this idea with him and how did it start?

[E]: First of all, we are incredibly happy of the support that Terraformazione received. It was great to work with the Running Clouds team, they’re amazing people. Stefano (aka Vis:on) is a good friend, we live in the same city and we share the same love for melodic techno. We met last year for the first time, and we had long conversations about the lack of this sound in Turin (our home city), so it felt natural to start a collaboration. It took about one month to finish the track, we wanted to show the souls of both projects in a single tune, and we can proudly say that we’re happy with the result.
[S]: Let me add that it’s always a pleasure to release on a great label like Steyoyoke. It has been a reference point for us since the beginning, we’re very thankful for having the possibility to be part of this group once again.

[WF]: Are there any releases coming soon?

[S]: We’re working on some new stuff, and we’ve a few tracks ready… but for now it’s a secret! We can say that we’re collaborating with artists that we respect very much.

[WF]: You have a lot of support from the Afterlife community around the world, how did that happen?

[E]: We don’t know exactly how it happened, the support we got from some major artists definitely helped.

[WF]: Your tracks are played by some very well-known artists in the scene like Tale of Us, Øostil, SOEL and many others. Can we say that you’re becoming more famous because of that?

[E]: Yes, indeed. As I was saying before, that made us more known worldwide and, in the community, too. Luckily, the tireless work of these past few years is starting to pay us back.

[WF]: Have you ever performed outside your home country?

[S]: Not yet; a few months ago, we became a part of the Conflux Connect family, a booking agency based in North America, so we hope to start travelling soon.

[WF]: You guys already have some fans in Portugal, since you’re growing exponentially now. Do you intend on coming to our country to perform one day?

[S]: We would love to! We can’t wait to play there and discover your amazing country.

[WF]: I’ve spoke with Emiliano a few months ago and he has already some friends in Portugal, what do you guys think about our music culture?

[E]: Yeah, we know that the Portuguese music scene is growing fast and there are some very interesting projects out there. In the next few years, Portugal can easily become a must.

[WF]: What do you like to do in your free time?

[S]:  Reading, going to the cinema or contemporary art exhibitions. I also listen to many different genres of music!
[E]: Food is my second passion! I love cooking and trying new restaurants or weird dishes.  A month ago, I also started studying Spanish.

[WF]: What music do you listen to apart from techno?

[S]: I am really into new wave and synth pop, but I also listen to hip-hop and electronica.
[E]: I love modern electronica, drum’n’bass, hard rock, soul and cinematic.

[WF]: Is your music related to your personality?

[S]: Yes, you can definitely see that in how we construct the pauses in our tracks, in the use of the melody.
[E]: I can say that the arrangement and the difference between the hard and soft part of the song reflects my personality very well.

[WF]: What is your opinion about the scene right now?

[E]: We have two opinions, one positive and one negative: first of all, since the scene has become more mainstream in the last few years, the overall quality of the productions has decreased. Many releases sound similar, and this means there’s a general need for experimenting. It feels like everything is about the hype, more than the actual music. On a brighter note, we are thrilled about the huge global spread techno (and electronic music) reached nowadays. As a result, our community is growing and diversifying, through different generations and cultures. We are excited to contribute to this with our music, and we hope that everything is going to be alright, once the pandemic is over. The clubbing world can and has to learn to be better, and we have to do it together, starting from the dancefloor, of course!

[WF]: How much time do you spend on the studio?

[S]: It depends on the timeframe, but we try to spend as much time as possible in the studio. Mostly we spend hours in front of the computer, in order for our work to respect our identity as much as possible, even when we go out of our comfort zone.

[WF]: What is something that is mandatory to be in the studio while you’re making music?

[E]: We’re Italians, so we really need to have some coffee on the desk!

[WF]: In one word, what describes your music and you guys as one?

[S]: Synästhesie (literally, that’s the best word we can choose!).

[WF]: During quarantine, how can you still be productive?

[S]: We are constantly talking, it’s very important for us to keep our project alive, and, since we’re not living together, we send each others new music, videos and books, so we can always find new topics which we can discuss about.

[WF]: What are your favourite artists?

[S]: Burial, Tale Of Us, Apparat. But these are just three names, I could go on and on!
[E]: Hard choice. I’ll go with Deadmau5, Trentemøller, Noisia. Huge sound quality there.

[WF]: What’s your B2B dream?

[S]: Solomun, he’s always on point.
[E]: Carl Cox, to me he’s king.

[WF]: Afterlife or Innervisions?

[E]: Both. It’s a different approach, but they share a common search for melody and details.

[WF]: What is your aim for the future? What’s your collaboration dream?

[S]: Right now, we are studying a live set, this was our goal since the beginning. We would like to release an album too, it could be a great way to show our faces around. If I had the chance to work alongside a producer I love, maybe I’d choose Steve Angello; he is an eclectic and genunine artist.
[E]: I’d love to collaborate and with Stimming. He’s a pure genius and a sound design master.

Thanks once again to Synästhesie for their time and patience! Check out their latest collab – Shapeless feat. Vis:on below!

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