The Dutch producer and DJ, Joe Stone, returns to releases and this time very well accompanied for a remastering of a big hit.

2020 advances at full speed and more and more we can hear great releases from great artists and Joe Stone is no exception, with the launch of his new theme “Superstar” together with the 4 beautiful Four Of Diamonds.

This theme is a remastering of Jamelia’s original theme, with which he also had great fame, and we can feel all the sounds that Joe Stone applies in this new “face” of the original music, and with the voice of the female quartet that undoubtedly give another rhythm, we have a track with different tones of voice, making it a true “roller coaster”. The House music that characterizes the Dutch DJ is notorious and well presented in this song, cheering a lot and giving its incredible rhythm.

Joe Stone also gives his point of view regarding this track: “My vision of this record was pure fun! Working with Four Of Diamonds was brilliant and I think we’ve managed to breathe new life into Jamila’s ‘Superstar’. With punchy basslines, vocal chops and some catchy chords this one is ready for the summer”.

Listen below the new track of Joe Stone:

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