Last afternoon, this young prodigy from Scantraxx released a very sentimental but powerful song.

The Heat” is another release by this young man with the aim of raising his quality to a level he never reached, which is why he is at Scantraxx.

The track contains quite potent kicks in the first part and has all its kick rolls on point, something not done with so much detail coming from RVAGE, spontaneous on the part of this young man because the final result is excellent. The melody also has a very good detail, it completes the track and makes it quite good, something already normal for RVAGE in his unique productions.

RVAGE already has a lot of releases and 2 anthems that are very well produced and even underrated for the quality.

He has performed in several events, one of them being Defqon.1, the dream for any DJ and producer.

When listening to this type of music made by this young man, we realize that a sub-genre takes you to several paths, in this case, Raw Hardstyle, even though the “dark” side of Hardstyle, always contains a lot of melody and fantastic vocals and as you can see in the songs of this future legend, we are witnessing songs from the future! This same young man has already released an album called “New Dimenson” that really represents music from another dimension.

This young kid still has a lot to give and we count on him for future releases!

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