We’re back featuring one of our favorite prodigies within the Hard Dance scene: Hatom! He’s been unstoppable ever since he joined Spoontech and his latest track is named Killing Time

The track kicks off with a metal inspired part with drums, guitar and vocals. It then quickly starts with its pounding and punchy mid-intro, with the vocals guiding us. Part of this mid intro has guitar effects in the background, which makes it rather interesting. This continues on to the break, fusing perfectly two very distinct genres of music. Before and during the build up, Hatom fuses guitars with his well known synth style. We’re then graced with a “fake drop” style climax and off to a punchy kick with a very deep bassline. The outro goes back to the heavy metal influences with a guitar slashing through the airwaves.

Yet another extremely outside the box release from Hatom, something the artist has got us used to. While still maintaining his own style and elements we can all recognize as being unique to him, he constantly reinvents his sound at each and every track! Excellent work!

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