The dance music industry keeps evolving everyday and new faces keep showing up. Birthdayy Partyy are not really that new, but they just delivered something fresh.

Well, it’s always someone’s birthday and these guys are here to celebrate it. The Chicago based duo has been taking 2020 over with their bass oriented project, blending bass house, with tech house, with casual dubstep touches and more, they can really make everyone happy and meet everyone’s taste.

Well, back in 2018, they released their second single called House Partyy. Having inherited a trap vibe from the guys’ personal influences in the first drop, evolving into something more housey, they have just brought this one back and delivered a VIP version.

That’s right, House Partyy VIP is now out and it is as bassy as it could get. WIth a build up that suggests the approach of a drop, but that really blows up in a second buildup, pulling the energy level even higher, these guys are not messing around and you should definitely listen to this one. A bass/tech house track that will turn every living room into a dance club.

Make sure you listen to this one down here and let us know what you think about it!

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